Creators Of Vending Machine Apps.

Two Guys One Cat Studios create tasty web3 apps & smart contracts that rock.

Base Beach Club Party Vending Machine

There Ain’t No Party Like A Base Beach Club Party. Our vending machine gives you the vibes & NFT’s to kick-start Summer.

It mints 4 NFT’s free to mint, on Base L2, and limited to a 400,000 mints.

There’s also a secret 5th NFT to mint, but can you work out how?

The ElonBurger Vending Machine

We created a vending machine web app & smart contract, which dispenses you an ElonBurger NFT, and 10 million ElonFries Token in one transaction.

It’s on ZK Era Chain, and limited to a 1000 mints.

Try it, it’s tasty crypto goodness for just $1, and the reason why you got into crypto in the first place.